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Friday, December 8, 2017

I Lost My Teeth! My Experience At The Dentist

Help! Help! Someone took my teeth! If you happen to find two canines, a molar, and two more teeth please return them to Lola The Rescued Cat! 

 *giggle giggle* Sorry, I couldn’t resist being silly. Hello, and happy Friday! Last month (on November 7, to be exact) I went to the dentist and I wanted to tell you all about my experience. The saga with my teeth actually started a while back. You see, when I was adopted almost seven years ago my two top canine teeth were already broken (life on the street was a little tough, what can I say?), but it never seemed to be a big deal until recently. When I went to my vet, Dr. Sheheri, in October she was a little concerned about how they were looking so she recommended that I go to a dental specialist to have my canines removed. She also thought that it was possible that bacteria was entering my broken teeth and could be one of the reasons that I’m stuffy, sneezy, and have a chronic runny nose.

As you can see, I wasn’t so happy to hear that news. 

Getting ready for the vet that day was a little traumatic, and I got so upset I had a nosebleed when I came out of the carrier at the office. Dr. Sheheri was a little concerned about that as well, so she did a test and found that I have obstructed breathing in one of my nostrils. Because of this, she suggested I get a CT scan of my nasal cavity while I was at the specialist and would already be under anesthesia. 

I wasn’t happy about that, either! Will tried to make me feel a little better. 

He tried hard, but I was still upset about losing my teeth! I have a public persona to keep up with and I always need to look my best. I was afraid of losing my cuteness.

Dr. Sheheri recommended one of the best dental specialists around, Dr. Carmichael. Mommy tried to get an appointment with him at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, but I couldn’t be seen until February! Can you imagine that? Dr. Carmichael also sees patients at the Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island in West Islip, and I was able to get an appointment with both him and the internist on the same day early in November. 

Mommy and I took off for Long Island early in the morning. I was a good girl on the ride, and only meowed a little bit (and I didn’t pee in the carrier.) 

Since it was Election Day there was less traffic than usual and the drive was pretty smooth. When we arrived, there were a lot of patients in the waiting room, and I was one of only three cats waiting. I wasn’t used to being around so many dogs because Lexy and I go to a cat only vet. But they were all well behaved and Mommy kept my carrier safe. Here I am in the waiting room.

After my intake with the nice Vet Tech, Alex, who only works in the dental department, I figured I’d make the best of things and pose for a few photos. 

I decided to freshen up a bit before the doctors came in.

Dr. Carmichael and his intern, Dr. Goodman, came in to speak with Mommy about why we were there and to check my teeth. Dr. Carmichael said it looked like my canines would have to come out, but x-rays would have to be taken to be sure. He also pointed out another tooth that looked decayed. Dr. Carmichael’s opinion was that it is very possible that my bad teeth were contributing to my nasal problems. He swept me away for a couple of minutes to quickly discuss this with the internist, who agreed with him, so we decided we would hold off on the CT scan for now. 

We had to wait a few more minutes for me to be admitted. I was starting to get a little nervous! 

After another vet tech came in and gave us the estimate, I gave Mommy a kiss and she gave me a hug and I was off to the operating room. (Of course, she asked a bazillion questions before she left. The most important thing she wanted to know was how I would be monitored during the procedure. When she found out that one Licensed Vet Tech would be assigned to monitor me the whole time, she felt a lot better.)

Lucky for Mommy she has friends who live in that area, so she met them for lunch and passed some time with them. After that, she did a little shopping and then went back to the clinic to wait for me. Dr. Carmichael called her twice – once right after my procedure, and again when I woke up from the anesthesia. Wasn’t that nice of him? 

When she picked me up she was surprised to find out that I had FIVE teeth pulled! The x-rays showed that my canines were very decayed, so out they came! I also had a molar and two other teeth removed. Don’t worry, though, because I was not feeling any pain! I was given my pain medication via injection, as well as my antibiotics, so Mommy didn’t have to worry about giving me any medication at home. 

It was probably a good thing I was on medication because the ride home was LONG! It started pouring down rain and the traffic was terrible (or so Mommy tells me.) I just relaxed in my carrier in the back seat. 

I was still a little out of it when I got home. 

But then something called a paradoxical reaction started. Instead of being sedated I was a little hyper and agitated. I jumped on Mommy’s lap and rolled and rolled and rubbed and rubbed on her until I almost fell off! Then I started walking around the house… and walking, and walking, and walking. And meowing, and meowing and meowing. Lexy wasn’t quite sure what to make of all of this, so she just left me alone for the most part. A few times she came over and licked my head to make me feel better, but she was very patient. The medication was a slow release which lasted 72 hours, so for three nights Mommy didn’t sleep very much. (Sorry, Mommy!) She said I was high as a kite, so I posted this on Facebook: 

Hi, friends! I thought I'd give you a little update on what's going on. Well, Mommy says I'm "high as a kite", but that doesn't make any sense to me because I'm not in the sky, I'm on the ground! She can't get a picture of me tonight because all I do is walk, walk, walk around the house. My pain medication, which was given by injection, is extended release and lasts 72 hours. Hmmm.... I guess that means Mommy won't be getting any sleep! MOL I don't really have any swelling and the best news is I'm eating! Lexy is very unimpressed with my walking about and is just ignoring me for the most part. At least she didn't hiss at me when I came home from the vet. As soon as I stand still long enough we'll post some photos. 

After 72 hours Mommy was very happy I was back to my sweet little self. You know what the worst part was? I couldn’t eat dry food for ten whole days! Mommy played it safe and waited 12 days until she gave me some. She wasn’t going to give us dry food again at all, but I lost some weight and she wanted to fatten me up a little bit. 

I went for a follow up last week, and I’m doing good! I wasn’t very happy about going back to the vet, so I peed in the carrier. Like, a lot. (Sorry, Mommy!) Dr. Sheheri said it may take a little while for my nose issues to go away, and possibly I may need a course of antibiotics, but we’ll see.  We’re playing it by ear for now, and I’ll keep you all posted. I did lose a ½ pound, which is most likely because the dry food stopped. I’m eating like a horse now so I’m sure the weight will come back on in no time. 

This post was a little longer than I planned, but before I end I want to thank a very special friend, Coryelle Kramer.   We first heard about Coryelle on Sweet Purrfections and we’ve since had two readings with her. Coryelle is just amazing, and we’re so glad we connected with her. She gave us good insight and advice and sent me healing for a while. (It really did help me!) Thank you, Coryelle, for caring so much about all of us. I’ll be meowing with you again soon! 

The next step in my journey is clearing up my nose. We’ve got some ideas that we’re going to be looking into, and we’ll share all of that someday soon. 

One last thing… if you live in the New York area and need specialty dental for your cat, Dr. Carmichael is your man. And if you need any specialty vet, VMCLI is the place to go. Mommy was very impressed from the moment she pulled into the parking lot and saw this little garden. 

Everyone was very professional and caring, and the clinic was immaculate and smelled clean, too. 

Thanks for reading about my dental experience! And by the way, I think I still look cute! MOL 


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  1. You're definitely still cute!

    Our Angel Jezebel had to have a number of teeth out when she got older - it made her feel a LOT better.

  2. You are always cute, no matter what, Lola! It sounds like you came through your dental just fine (well, at least once the anesthesia wore off, MOL!). I hope this does clear up your sinus issues. Interesting thing about sinuses and my human - whenever she has bad sinus issues (happens occasionally), her teeth ache! So yeah, there is a relationship there.

  3. Lola, what an experience! We know you didn't want your teeth stolen, but honestly, you'll be better off without them. We hope your sinuses will be better now.

  4. That was quite an ordeal, you poor kitty. You do still look gorgeous. Lexy is a good sister to have checked on you and licked you. My Sammy has to be crated after he has been under because he thinks he is Superman and starts climbing on everything ( he doesn't normally do that).

  5. Lola, here's hoping that your sinuses feel better soon, now that those wicked, nasty teefs are gone!

  6. I'm so glad they took such good care of you! I'm sure the experience was traumatic for both you and your Mommy. Thank goodness it's over, and you still have your good looks!

  7. You always look beautious and ai am sure you feel better with those teeth gone!

  8. lola; ewe could haz noe teethz N still bee gorgeouz.....sorree ya had ta go two de eeeeeeevil place N haz all that done but we R buzzed happee yur doin sew good !! YAY !!! make sure ya put yur teeth under yur blankit sew they can tern ther selves inta cold hard cash, 50's N 100's !!! ☺☺☺♥♥♥ waves two lexy N heerz two a grate week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  9. Oh, poor Lola! Olive understands, she had five teeth pulled this year too - and two were her upper canines! But she didn't have a reaction like you did. Glad you're feeling better!

  10. Oh, Lola! How could they do all that to you?!?!? Surely your cuteness should've gotten you out of all that!! Do they have no hearts?!?! LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! We're glad you're back to normal and your teeth are taken care of.

    {FROM BEAR} Don't believe her. I've had tons of dentals and several extractions myself [genetics SUCK!]. She has no shame. I was cute as could be and she still made me have it done! I feel your pain. When I had my molar removed, Momma tried to feed me more than 5 different flavors/kinds of wet food - but all I wanted was my kibble. She even soaked the kibble and tried to trick me with it! HMPH. I reacted the same way you did to the medication - I made Momma even more anxious because I refused to settle down. I wasn't supposed to jump either. My Momma grabbed me and folded me in her arms. I finally felt safe so I took a little nap to get my energy back ;)

  11. I'm so glad that's over for you...you've been through h-e-double hockey sticks!!! And nothing, absolutely nothing, could take away from your cuteness, Lola!

  12. Poor Lola!! What an ordeal!! 5 teeth gone!! Oh my! Can you still eat treats? Did you switch to soft treats? You are still precious, praying you don't have to go back there anymore (even if they were great and nice!) catchatwithcarenandcody

  13. Oh Lola,
    you have certain;y been through the wars! You looked so sweet sitting there at the vet's! Tama says it reminds her of when she had those two long drives to the big referral clinic last year. Those are never any fun! But we're glad you're feeling better!

    The Chans

  14. Wow sweet Lola, what an ordeal you went through! Five teethes removed?! You are a brave kitty! Did the toothfairykitty bring you a special treat for every tooth? When Mom & Dad adopted me I already had two broken canines, too. The previous peoples that had me didn't take care of my teeth. Mom makes sure I get dental cleanings twice a year & the V-E-T monitors my teeth. He said my canines might have to come out if they start causing problems like yours were causing you. Healing purrs for you.

  15. I am glad your dental went well. I am sure you will soon feel much better now you have got rid of those teeth.

  16. You be lookin' gawjus Lola. Sorry you had to go to da dentist. But hey, sis Lexi lost most of her teethies by the time she was 5. and she did pawsum without 'em. Glad you're not gettin' anymore of dat nasty kibble. It's just not good fur us kitties. We know you'll put on da weight in no time. We're also glad things went so well. We sure wish we had da V E T options ya'll do and carin' V E Ts too. We're sendin' big hugs and lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  17. You are so brave!
    Hope you are feeling better...

    Noodle and crew

  18. What an adventure ! We're glad you're feeling better without those bad teeth. Our Angel Isis had almost not teeth left at the age of four, but she was fine : pulling out her bad teeth saved her gums, and she was able to eat almost anything with her heathy gums ! Purrs

  19. Lola, we are glad your dental procedure went so well. We bet you feel so much better now (and you're still cute). And we hope those nose issues get all resolved soon, too.

    P.S. - Gracie had some teefs pulled a couple of weeks ago, too.

  20. I'm glad to hear that the procedure went well. 5 teeth is a lot, but you still look super cute. Our cat Jasmine had the same reaction to the meds when she went in for her spay surgery as a kitten. She was trying to climb up everything and spring off the couch and run up and down the stairs, all while she was supposed to be on "bed rest". Ugh. Never giving her that stuff again!

  21. Oh Lola I had no idea you were so hilarious!! Your saga made me laugh out loud, okay not the trauma you had to go through but how you handled it with such grace and humour. Don't ever worry about your looks, you're still adorable and your fans will always love you.

  22. Oh dear! Wow that's a lot going on ... 5 teeth! I lost 2 so far. And they fell out rather than pulled out. BUT keeping my teeth is and remains my greatest challenge. I get anesthetic free dental cleaning 3 times a year. Teeth brushing every night. And gum rub every morning. I also get a sprinkle of some stuff on my food.... and STILL .... my teeth are deteriorating. *sigh* tiny mouth issues.

  23. Lola you are as beautiful as ever! Sorry to hear about your teeth but I'm so glad you are getting the help you need to feel better. Purrs and kisses.

  24. This is such a cute story, it almost makes me like cats! I am sure you're still fierce and BOLD without those teeth! ~Dear Mishu

  25. Lola I am so glad you are all better and you are absolutely beautiful!!! Our Lyla - although a dog, and our cat Tibet both had to have some teeth removed. They think it gives them more character. The best part is that all of you will live healthier happier lives now! Tooth pain is no fun and it sounds like your teeth issues caused a lot more damage! We can't allow that now can we? You are such a very important cat after all!

  26. Mr. N had to have several teeth removed too. He was super hyper afterwards so we had to up his sedative dose. I'm glad you're recovering well.

  27. My cat Cinder sends her sympathies. Several years ago, she lost all of her teeth due to stomatitis except for her two front ones. She wrote all about it in her monthly advice column. The whole experience was such an ordeal, it took her three columns to cover everything. She knows how traumatic vet visits, dental surgery, and recovery can be. We wish you well and think you're adorable!

  28. I'm so glad you are okay now that those bad teeth are gone. We're hoping your sinus issues will clear up soon. We LOVE Coryelle. We had another reading with her a couple of weeks ago and she's agreed to sponsor our 12 Days of Catmas with a giveaway for a 30 minute reading, so be sure to enter the giveaway.

  29. Oh my goodness, that's quite an ordeal. I had no idea that issues with teeth could cause a breathing problem in your nose. Also, I've never heard of a cat having a hyper reaction - I don't think I would have gotten much sleep either. Glad you are recovering well and can enjoy dry food again!

    Rosie will be having her first dental this winter. She has one broken tooth from her time on the street as well.

  30. I am glad you have the dental surgery behind you! I hope your nose clears up soon. One of my dogs had a cracked tooth, so we had to have it extracted. They ended up pulling 3, which made me a little sad. But I'm happy to know she has a healthy mouth now.

  31. Lola, you are so cute and brave! My Chipper had to have his teeth cleaned and several teeth removed. I still need to have Buffy's teeth cleaned. Thanks for the reminder.


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