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Monday, February 5, 2018

It's BlogPaws' 10th Anniversary! Get Ready For Their Best Conference Yet!

Are you still on the fence about attending BlogPaws in Kansas City this year? I bet this post will help you change your mind! 

BlogPaws Changed My Course in This Crazy World of Blogging

When I walked into my first BlogPaws conference in Nashville in 2015, my goal was to learn as much as I could about book marketing because I thought my book was my avenue to promote and support rescue and adoption (I donate 10% of my book sales to shelters.) I did learn a little about marketing, but I learned a lot more about blogging and realized I could have a strong voice for animals through this avenue as well. 

A few of the great things you'll see at BlogPaws!

I networked with brands, sat in on sessions about topics I had never heard of (SEO? Analytics? Disclosure? Huh?) and listened to other bloggers brainstorm. I stepped into a world I didn’t know existed and I didn’t want to leave. I was hungry and eager to learn more, and little by little I felt more comfortable getting involved in the BlogPaws community on Facebook. 

I’m an Ambassador!

I've attended BlogPaws every year since, and I still continue to learn more to help me improve. (I wrote a post about 5 Things I Learned From BlogPaws That Improved My Blog that you can read here.) I will even sit in on sessions again that I've taken in the past to strengthen my knowledge (I think I need about 10 more SEO sessions!) My hard work paid off because BlogPaws invited me to be an ambassador this year! When I got the email from Bernard Lima-Chavez I knew my efforts had been noticed and I could hardly contain my excitement!  Our Ambassador group this year is pawtastic, if I do say so myself. 

You can read all about these fabulous women here.

It's all about the pets! One of the best parts is meeting the famous purrsonalities behind the blogs. 

What I’ll Be Doing

My role will be General Ambassador (cat focused) and I think it’s right up my alley. Here’s what I’ll be doing: 

  • Networking with both the cat-focused attendees and the brands/products.
  • Sharing information about the brands on social media.
  • Helping connect attendees with brands they are looking for or align with the brand’s needs.
  • Helping attendees and brands get answers to any questions they may have.

Of course, if you have a need that is not cat-focused you can still seek me out and I will help you get your answer. 


My favorite part about BlogPaws is spending time with people who love their pets as much as I do. People who love animals are my favorite people! I’ve made so many friends through BlogPaws and we all look forward to seeing each other every year. The cat focused bloggers have a Facebook group for those of us going to the conference, which is already very active! We are all very excited to see each other and spend quality time together. 

Friends! I can't wait to see everyone every year at the conference.

10th Anniversary Celebration!

This year marks BlogPaws’ 10th conference! There are many surprises in store for attendees and this is sure to be their best conference ever! Did I already say I’m excited? 

Mark your calendars today! Here is all the info you need: 

  • Dates: April 18 - 20, 2018
  • Venue: The Sheraton Kansas City at Crown Center Hotel
  • Location: Kansas Cty, MO

Haven’t registered yet? Get your ticket here. Don’t wait too long because a sell-out is anticipated. Don’t forget to use our Ambassador code to get 10% off: BP-18-Amb-10off.  You can learn more about the conference here, and hotel reservations here

Why You Should Attend BlogPaws

I walked into my first BlogPaws conference in Nashville in 2015 nervous, alone and clueless. I walked out more confident with a new group of friends and an emerging skill set. BlogPaws turned the first page in a new chapter in my life, and the pages haven’t stopped turning yet. At that first conference I learned that BlogPaws is for everyone! Instagrammers, Facebookers and Tweeters, I’m talking to you! You can learn invaluable information to take your presence on your preferred platform to another level. And who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to start a blog! 

If you need some more inspiration, you can read my posts on past conferences here. And don’t forget to leave room in your suitcases because you’ll be bringing home a lot of swag! 

As soon as I come home Lola and Lexy begin their inspections! 

Have you ever attended a BlogPaws conference? What’s your favorite thing about it? And most importantly, will I be seeing you there this year? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogPaws. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. My human and I are looking forward to seeing you in Kansas City! (And this weekend too!!)

  2. Want to thank your mom and you for donating to Abandoned Angels Rescue and have fun at BlogPaws. XX

  3. BlogPaws is such a fun event...especially to get together with all the other crazy cat bloggers (and other pet bloggers, too).

  4. We are so thrilled you are an Ambassador and wish we could be there with you. Unfortunately with so many on meds it's too far for the Dad to be away from home.

  5. Concatulations on being an ambassador ! Have fun ! Purrs

  6. I've been back and forth about attending, and the cost is prohibitive. Of course I'd LOVE to meet up with my bloggy friends, though!

  7. I think it is wonderful that your are an Ambassador. I would love to go, but I don't like to leave my kitties.

  8. The BlogPaws Conference sounds like so much fun! We hope that someday it'll be held on the west coast so Mom can attend and share all the fun times and good things she learns.

  9. L & L....conga ratz two yur mom; ambassador soundz like a total lee awesum way kewl job with lotz oh fun ~~~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  10. I'm so glad you were chosen as an ambassador - it's a well-deserved recognition of all your hard work. I'm always so sad when the conference is over. I can't wait to see you again. After last year, when I was sure I was a huge dud and awkward in the conversation department, maybe I'll finally get it right!

  11. Mom Paula can't wait to see you again at BlogPaws and she is so happy you were chosen as an Ambassador because you are one of her favorite cat bloggers! She promises she won't get lost again like last year if you choose to go out to get something to eat! Mom Paula can't decide if she wants to make it a road trip or fly.

  12. Congratulations on being named a BlogPaws Conference Ambassador! You're going to rock at this! I'm so excited to get to meet you in real life in just...72 days! See you in KC!

  13. I am so proud that one of my cat buddies has such an important role! Ambassador with Special Portfolio to the Feline Blogging Community. It will be lovely to see you again, and don't spend so much time running around you miss the fun OK?

  14. One day it will be in driving distance from Ottawa - Canada. Have a great time! And enjoy being an ambassador!

  15. Got tickets and Mosey all ready to go!

  16. I am so excited to be a part of BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference with you and I can't wait to meet you there! BlogPaws is the best blogging group I have even known! SO MUCH SUPPORT! And OMG I just love seeing Bernard in that pink suit! He looks smashing! I really love all of the photos you included here! Such a lively warm group of people! You are going to rock as an Ambassador!! See you there!

  17. You're an ambassador! CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is wonderful news, 'specially since you're gonna be "cat-focused," as you say. PURRS.

  18. Concatulations on the ambassador thingie, Lola :) Extra Pawkisses for the achievement :) <3

  19. It sounds like so much fun and wish I could go but am tutoring till mid June and cannot get away as some of my pupils have lessons on weekends. Enjoy and congratulations

  20. I wish Blog Paws would come to the east coast! The past couple of years it's just been to far away for me to travel to. Congrats on being an ambassador!

  21. Oh yes, Miss Dawn, Mom remembers the two of you & Flattie V (my flat self) posing at a vendor booth together at last year's conference! She said it was super fun! Mom thought everyone at the conference was so-o welcoming. She felt it was a truly worthwhile experience and it has helped her be a better blogger. CONCATS for being chosen to be an Ambassador! You'll be grr-eat! Purrs!

  22. I would like to go but still figuring out if it's possible. It's always fun meeting up with blogger friends. Congrats for being an ambassador this year!

  23. We are so excited that you were chosen as an ambassador this year! You are perfect for the job! Can't wait to see you in Kansas City in just a couple of months!!! Oh, and I totally agree - I need AT LEAST 10 more classes on SEO! MOL!

  24. So excited for you!!!! I love the BlogPaws community --- there is so much to learn and the people are amazing! Enjoy your time as an ambassador!!!!!!!

  25. Congrats for being an ambassador. I have been the last 3 years and learned so much, met great people and brands and had a blast. Hope to see you there this year again. Susie

  26. Congratulations! Last year I attended my first BlogPaws conference. It was a great opportunity to network with brands and meet bloggers and their pets. However my favorite part was learning about so many different ways people (and companies) are giving back.

  27. A very big congrats on being chosen as an ambassador. I'm very happy to have met you in Phoenix! I'm sure we'll meet again!


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