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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Love Your Pet Day 2018

Hello, and Happy Tuesday! Do you know what today is? Go ahead... take a guess. Okay never mind, I'll just tell you. It's National Love Your Pet Day!  This is a day where people set aside some extra time to pamper their pets. (Hey, shouldn't that be every day?!) 

We asked our Facebook friends how they know that their humans love them, and we got some great answers! If you'd like to read our post from 2016 you can see it here. And now onto the answers for 2018! You'll just LOVE them all! 

I know my mommy loves me because she is so patient and understanding with me. I came from an abusive home so I do not like to be touched very much. Mommy understands this and she waits for me to come to her. She talks to me a lot and gives me slow blinks and respects that I like my space. - Buddy 

I know my mommy loves me because she still gives me scratches and lots of kisses even after I’ve misbehaved. I’m a little troublemaker! But she makes sure I don’t cause too much mischief and then gives me kisses—which I pretend to hate but secretly I love. - Finnigan

I know my mom loves me because she doesn't mind when I wake her up in the morning by licking her arm. (And she doesn't care that I have a weird addiction to hand lotion.) - Ivy

I know my mommy loves me because she doesn't get mad when I bring her a dead cockroach and put it in her slipper - and she steps on it. When she says "kiss kiss" I give her a head butt. - Amber

I know my Mommy loves me because she gives me belleh rubs for as long as I want them, and she cleans my litter box the minute I demand that it get cleaned mol! She even tells me when the birdies have come to visit cause I know the word "birdies" now. - Kaito

I know my mom loves me because she spend 30 minutes trying to rescue me from a van I was underneath that someone drove. My paw pads were burned but my mom nursed me back to health. - Lucky  

I know my mawm loves me because I do all sorts of funny and weird things every morning in her office to get her attention and I won't stop until she either plays fetch with me or holds me and pets me and calls me her "little Vinnie Poo Poo" until her arm falls asleep! - Vincent Van Jo

I know my dad loves me because he feeds me every morning and cleans our litter box 3 times a day and lets me curl up on his lap every evening. - Shilo

My Mama and I love each other very much. She calls me her "sweet fluffy girl", plays with me, gives me belly rubs and boxes to play and sleep in! And I give her nose kisses. - Sadie Mae

I know my mom loves me because she lets me take her spot on the couch when she gets up to go to the bathroom. - Georgia

All of us here at Squeedunk Whiskers and Warehouses know Z-girl loves us because we have a million catnip bananas and toy mice, flotati rugs and warm blankets to snuggle on, a variety of kitty beds and scratching decks, and she catified a nice portion of the apartment for us. Plus we get great meals, and lots of pets, scratches, and kisses. Each of us was rescued and saved from life on the streets (except one pulled from ACCs kill list!). We all know what it means to fight to stay alive, and we are much happier as tiny little princesses. 
- Bessie 

I know I'm loved because I don't get in trouble for breaking the rules. Like the rule that says I'm not allowed on the table! -Nymphy 

I know I'm loved because I have a "fluffy" belly. MOL I always have a bowl full of good food (which I love!) -Fred

Thank you, everyone, for sharing your stories with us! How do you know that your human loves you? I can't wait to hear! 


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  1. A great collection of stories.... I love the one about breaking the rules and sitting on the table.... our cats are always on the darn table (maybe because the aircon is directly overhead).

  2. These are all such sweet answers! I know my human loves me because I am such a big part of her life - she takes me with her when she travels, and spends lots of time doing training with me.

  3. Love is wonderful and y'all sure got lots and lots of it at your place!

  4. We loved reading everyone’s entries and we know there are many more to read about across the blogosphere! Thank mew for sharing!!

  5. Manny knows that I love him, because I try to give him head smoochies, even if he doesn't' want them!

  6. L & L.....thanx for sharin all yur friendz storeez...wavez two ewe each ☺☺☺....yur answerz total lee ROCK !!!!! ♥♥♥

  7. Loved reading all these stories. Calvin is pretty mad that I forgot to do our story, I promised him I would do better next year.

  8. Absolutely love this posy with all the love notes from the kitties. We missed this special day 'cause it is our dad's birthday, and we are giving him the love today. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  9. That's a whole lot of love you got going on! I love this idea. It's easy to write posts like mine that go for the easy cat joke - but being positive and showing the beauty of of fur-babies? That's where it's at.

  10. We love this! We know we're loved because the mom puts up with us pestering her for food and then not eating what she puts in our bowls, and not complaining when she has to clean up our kitty barf, and buying us lots of toys only to find we'd rather play with tissue paper. :)

  11. Very sweet post. I am happy to see so many loved kitties.

  12. What a sweet post!!! Every day is Love Your Pet Day at our house, but having an extra special day to celebrate cat love is pawsome too!

  13. What a lovely post, Lola :) I feel the same as all the kitties over here, we are very lucky kitties that are being loved so much :) Heart shaped Pawkisses for a ...*to Granny: let's make that International* Pet Day :) <3

  14. I thought everyday was love your pet day, MOL!

    I know the Mom loves me because she gives me different nom choices when I turn my nose up at what she gives me, she gives me a nice warm home, lots and lots of love, and she lets me be wherever I want on her bed.


  15. Awww, this is so great and what a sweet idea! Love seeing all these kitties!

  16. What a sweet post ! So many loved cats, and so many ways to love them ! Purrs

  17. What a special post! The lady enjoyed reading each of these.

    I know the lady loves me because she's always patient and gentle with me when I have bathroom problems, which is almost every day. She also brushes me, which I love, and pets me and tells me how much she loves me. ~ Annie

    I know the lady loves me because she (almost) never gets mad at me when I do naughty things, and I do naughty things a lot. ~Pierrot

  18. Mommy loves me every day and I know all the other babies in the CB are also loved a lot. XXX

  19. The pictures hadn't loaded the first time I commented but now they have, so I went back and loved each one and the story of the baby that went with the picture. Yes, you are each one loved to the max!!! XXXX


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