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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Lola and Lexy's Top 5 Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cat

Hello, and welcome to another "Top Five"! In our previous post, we discussed five cat-friendly Easter plants. If you missed it, you can catch up on it here

With Halloween right around the corner, we thought we'd write a post about Halloween safety. So without further ado, here are our Top Five Halloween Safety Tips For Your Cat.

Lola and Lexy's Top Five Halloween Safety Tips for Your Cat

1. Keep Your Cat Inside

The best way to make sure your cat is safe is to keep them indoors. It’s a good idea to keep them inside the day before Halloween on Gate Night (also referred to as Mischief Night), as well as on Halloween night.

There are many things going on that could frighten your cat (such as scary costumes and children yelling and shouting, etc.) which could cause them to run and possibly get lost. There is also an increase in traffic (including foot traffic) and keeping them in prevents them from getting injured or hit by a car.

Another reason to keep them indoors is to keep them safe from any potential harm from humans. It’s a sad truth that many black cats go missing on Halloween.

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2. Create a Quiet Retreat in Your House

The constant ringing of the doorbell and cries of “Trick or Treat!” can be very scary for a cat. Put your kitty in a room where they feel safe; one that people will not be going in and out of. Their favorite comfy bed or a t-shirt with your smell on it will help make them comfortable.

Soothing music can help keep your cat calm. Through a Cat’s Ear combines music and sound therapy techniques, specifically designed for felines.

RelaxoPetPRO is a subliminal anti-stress device for cats. It worked wonders for us, and you can read all about it here

Another idea is to spray a cat calming pheromone product, such as Feliway, around the room your cat will be in.

cat with relaxopet
Lexy with her Relaxopet

3. Keep Halloween Candy Out of Reach

Many of the Halloween treats can be toxic for cats especially chocolate and xylitol. Avoid any accidental ingestions by keeping the candy bowl out of your cat’s reach. If you suspect that your cat has ingested something potentially toxic, call your emergency clinic or the ASPCA Poison Control Center (888) 426-4435 immediately.

black cat with halloween candy
Photo by mcgphoto via deposit photos

4. Be Careful with Costumes

Not all cats love costumes. Forcing a costume on a cat who does not enjoy it can cause a great deal of undue stress. If your cat does enjoy dressing up, choose a costume that does not have any small, dangly items that your cat could chew off and swallow causing them to choke.

Costumes should not restrict your cat’s movement, vision or breathing, or their ability to meow. And don’t leave them alone in a room while they are wearing their costume. It’s best to avoid potential accidents.

Photo by adogslifephoto via deposit photos

5. Keep Your Cat Away From Decorations

Candles can be attractive to a curious cat and can easily be knocked over. Opt for battery-operated candles for your Jack O’Lanterns or candle holders. Blinking lights and stringy spider webs can also be dangerous. Secure wires so your cat doesn’t chew on them and hang stringy decorations up high where your cat can’t reach them. You also want to be mindful of small decorations that can be ingested and cause intestinal blockages.

Halloween can still be fun for everyone! It's super easy to keep your cat safe by keeping these simple things in mind. Once your furry loved one is safe and secure, you can enjoy all the ghouls and ghosts ringing your bell for their treats. (And hopefully, they won't have any tricks!) 

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We wish you all a happy and safe Halloween and we hope these tips are helpful for you and your cat. 

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Lola and Lexy

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  1. These are great ... though some are easier said than done (especially when you have a kitten!).

  2. I enjoyed reading these things. I am glad Katie is strictly an indoor cat; and I will admit that what with just Katie and I...there are no halloween decorations for her to get into.

  3. The only Halloween decorations around Eastside Cats is a pie pumpkin, and a troll doll with a pumpkin costume on it...and no cat gets near my trolls!

  4. Good tips, y'all! No matter how cold it gets, I sit on my front steps with the candy to avoid opening the door and risk anyone getting out. I also have custody of the candy, so they cannot get into it, much to Calli's frustration. The Goddesses would not tolerate being confined to only one room in their house, so Mama freezes instead.

  5. It is too dark and spooky to come to my house, except of course the occasional mouse

  6. Those are very good tips. We never had to worry about it though as we only have one fairly close neighbour, and no-one wants to come down narrow country lanes.

  7. L & L

    happee earl lee howl o ween two ewe both....we hope lotz oh peepulz come bye.... two give ewe treetz ;) ☺☺♥♥

  8. I think these are wonderful tips! I love the idea about the quiet retreat, if I had trick or treaters coming to my house I would do that for sure because my girl Sacred has major stranger danger.

  9. Those are some great tips. Since we moved to our new house, we don't get many trick or treaters anymore...which doesn't bother me one bit! ~Ernie

  10. These are great tips! Shared on Twitter.

  11. Excellent post. There are a lot of dangers around holiday times. XO

  12. Those are good ones! We don't care for aliens knocking at our door!

  13. Great tips, Lola and Lexy. It's good to be extra aware, and extra safe.

  14. We like your top 5 tips! Those are RULES FOR HALLOWEEN at our house. We will be sequestered in the back bedroom sometime during the afternoon so that we do NOT escape. The room will have our noms and a littler box and the TV will be on so that we can't hear all the excitement. Cinnamon (or hairy slobbery sister) will be in the room too! About the costumes...or Mom has accepted that we will use teeth and claws on her if clothing is attempted...we are not even fond of hats! We hope you guys have a wonderful Halloween! Marv

  15. These are great reminders about cats and Halloween!

  16. great advice! I always dress Frodo up in a costume and he helps me give out treats!

  17. What quiet retreat? Anybody comes to our house, Halloween or no Halloween, it's the kind of ruckus we hate! But, we find a quiet spot anyway, just like you said. Our housekeep has the lights off and nobody bothers us. Those candy-giving days are long gone..! - Tom x


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