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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Anniversary, Mommy!

Guess what today is? It's another anniversary day! Four years ago today I met Mommy for the first time! After seeing my picture on Facebook, she emailed Aunt Leslie and made plans to come meet little old me! This was me the first day she met me:

Even though I was fur and bones, couldn't meow, and had such a stuffy, runny nose that I blew bubbles when I breathed, she thought I was beautiful. Even way back then I was chatty!

Mommy said I had the cutest little silent meow. It would be another week before she could bring me home, though. But that was OK cause I was adopted! And now I'm a Princess.


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  1. Wow, Lola, you really needed to be rescued, and I'm so glad you were - and then found your home!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Lola...or as we call it...Gotcha Day...because it was when your mom gotcha and brought you to your new home!

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