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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Rescue Stories: Lola - Facebook Helped Her Find Her Forever Home

This story is the story of another Lola, another lucky girl. AND... we're besties! You can follow my friend lola on her Facebook page.

I’ve always believed everything happens for a reason, and I’ve always been an animal lover my entire life, even though we never had any pets while I was growing up.   In 2011 I took a chance at a new job, and after seven months of commuting over 120 miles round trip each day, I decided to relocate.  I reluctantly left my house in the town that I had called home my entire adult life, moved and started a new life.  I decided that since I was moving for the job I would select the closest place I could find to my office, which happened to be 300 yards away from work.  

In late 2012 I started to realize that something was missing and that I didn’t feel as if my new place was actually a home.  I decided since my work schedule was somewhat hectic, and I could not always guarantee what time I would make it home, that it would be unfair to bring a dog into my life and that I would start to look at adding a cat to my home.  A few years prior to all of this my best friend, Kelly, rescued two amazing cats, Kenny & Chesney, whom I met and loved so I knew that a cat would definitely fit in with my needs.

I knew I was going to need to find the right cat, and it would take a while, so in early 2013 I turned to the internet to begin my search.  I felt two things were important during my search 1) Make sure the cat and I got along and 2) have the cat pick me out, not the other way around.   I reviewed several pictures of cats with a local rescue group, and decided to meet a couple.  They were all very nice cats but I wasn’t sure of how they would work themselves into my life and was especially afraid of one who had balance issues falling from the loft space where my bedroom was located.

Work became very busy and I did not search as hard as I could have, but I continued to passively search hoping the right cat would come into my life, somehow.  I noticed that several rescue pages used Facebook to communicate so I decided to start to “like” their pages.  I also noticed that rescue pages would share pages for individual cats that needed to be adopted.   I ended up seeing a page about a Cat named Pedro from Indianapolis who had Diabetes and was at the Humane Society of Hamilton County.  I was contemplating meeting Pedro, however, he was adopted before I could act.  I was happy that Pedro found a new home, but days later I saw post from Pedro’s page sharing a cat named Lola, and a cat named Abe.

One of Lola's photos posted to help her find
her forever home.

Both cats were beautiful in their own ways, and caught my eye, I decided to like their pages and follow them.  Knowing that maybe, just maybe, I’ll adopt one of these cats.  I watched the daily posts from each, as both of their situations seemed similar yet very different.  Both were plain black shelter cats, and in foster homes for various reasons.   Abe was having problems with ear infections, and Lola just plain hated the shelter, disliked other cats, and was often sick.   Abe had to have some major surgery to remove parts of his ear canals to combat the terrible ear infections, and I felt that if I was serious about adopting Abe, and Lola to be a pair, I would feel absolutely terrible watching people raise funds for Abe’s surgery.  I decided to donate the remaining necessary funds they needed for his care and would set out to meet him.
Unfortunately during this surgery they discovered that Abe had cancer, and the Humane Society wouldn't adopt him out  because they wanted him to remain in their vet's care.  With the distance between Indianapolis and Saint Louis there was no way that could happen, so I was unable to adopt Abe with Lola.  I decided that I would make the 300+ mile trip from Saint Louis to Indianapolis and meet Abe (even though he was not up for adoption) and Lola.    Once I arrived I was greeted by multiple volunteers and was able to meet the cats.  First I met Abe, he was so small but he purred so loudly, and had such a good heart. I knew this boy was a star, and was really something special.   Next I met a cat named Pinkie, who I strongly considered adopting as a pair with Lola, and then I went to the outdoor “catio” to meet a bonded pair Macy and Priscilla.   I was able to see each of these cats’ personalities and how they engaged themselves with me.   Finally, I was brought into this room in the middle of the shelter to meet Lola.  She was obviously shaken and upset by being in the shelter again, as she had been in foster care for quite some time.  She hid underneath a bench and made the most adorable hissing sound at me.  I extended my hand towards Lola and she did the most unexpected thing,  she licked me, as if she was giving me a “kitty kiss”,  maybe this cat knew I was an alright person, but just hated the shelter environment so much?  

Lola getting ready for her road trip
to meet her new forever dad. 
I had no idea what to think or do, but I decided to think about things, because I wanted to make the right decision. Not just for me, but for the cat(s), so I returned home.  I reviewed adopting Pinkie, and Lola as a pair, however, before I knew it Pinkie was adopted throwing a wrench in that plan.  I ended up thinking about things and decided to further inquire about Lola.   Lola was brought to the shelter on August 23rd 2012.  She immediately was upset, and hated the shelter environment, especially her cage.   She succumbed to a serious Upper Respiratory infection that for weeks and months she just could not shake.  Finally she was put in a foster home, to heal and hopefully begin to have a sense of a better life.  After really giving it some thought, I decided to adopt Lola on her own, which proved to be especially beneficial because she doesn’t get along well with other cats anyway.  

Lola in her forever home.
I was blessed to work with the great folks at Hamilton Humane, who offered to keep Lola in foster care for an additional 3 weeks so I could prepare a really nice home for her. I spent that time buying everything that I thought a cat would want.  Hamilton Humane exceeded all of my expectations again and even went way above and beyond and met me ½ way from Indianapolis to drop Lola off with me.  
It was a warm end of September day in Effingham Illinois that I met with two volunteers, Christine and Traci for the exchange.  It was a few hours later that I introduced Lola to her new home.   As soon as I let her out of her carrier she went running around exploring.  I left out some food and water and decided to let her find her way around.  I went upstairs for a nap since I was extremely tired from the long drive, and upon waking up, I noticed a black cat snuggled up with me purring. 

Since adopting Lola I have become personally involved in many animal charities, meeting new friends, and learning some about the animal shelter process.   Lola has changed me and she has definitely changed my thought process about life, especially the life of a shelter animal.  It never occurred to me that I had been changed until one day a few months after I adopted her, I read a post online titled, “A letter from a shelter cat.” After reading that I realized that it’s possible that Lola, my Lola, my baby girl, my house panther, could have writtenthat letter at one point in her life and it really hit me hard that animals do go through this and they do have feelings and can feel the absence of love.  I then realized that had she not gone to such a great shelter, and had such great people to care for her through behavior issues, a sickness that she could not shake and the odds that go against a black cat being adopted, that she may not have made it somewhere else. 

Lola has remained the same sweet girl who gave me a “kitty kiss” that August day under the bench.  She spent over a year in the care of her shelter, but you could never tell by her demeanor.  She is so kind to people whenever they come to visit, greeting almost everyone once they enter the front door. Lola even does not mind traveling and I took her to my mom’s for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays where she was absolutely adored by the other members of my family.  Lola still has occasional flare ups of her upper respiratory issues but in her 16 months here none of the flare ups have been severe.  Believe it or not, her absolute favorite thing, that is seen as a treat by her is Viralys, Lysine gel.         

The Shelter Director recently said “One of our past residents, Lola, hit the forever home jack pot” when talking about how spoiled Lola is now in her post shelter life.  Little does the Director know, that I hit the cat jackpot, with my plain black shelter cat that took 13 months to be adopted. 

St. Louis, MO

Lola enjoying the view from the window

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  1. I <3 Lola and it is great to read her story. #blackcatsrule

    1. Her story and her dad are pawesome. We just love sharing stories about kitties getting adopted.

  2. What a great story! I love how perfect Lola's new human and home were for her!

  3. I love Lola and her dad Floyd. What great people. Our newly adopted kitten is her namesake. I knew the minute we adopted her and brought her home, even though she is a Tuxedo cat, her name had to be Lola. Also L. L Bean or Little Lola Bean.

  4. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story of another wonderful Lola :)

  5. What a wonderful and heart-warming story and so eloquently written. It seems as if you both hit the jackpot. Pleae join us tomorrow for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. XOCK, Mom Janet and Kitties Blue

  6. What a wonderful story. Lola already knew you were in love with her when you put eyes on her :D Very touching :) Pawkisses :) <3


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