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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

My Rescue-versary!

Four years ago today I was rescued from the shelter! My Aunt Leslie was given the all clear to come pick me up.  Many people don't know this, but the shelter wasn't going to let Aunt Leslie take me.  I was on antibiotics for a VERY bad Upper Respiratory Infection and they wanted me to finish them before I was released.  Aunt Leslie was very worried, because she didn't think I was going to make it that long and she knew I needed more care.  But the kitty angels were looking over me and the shelter decided to let Aunt Leslie take me.  This is what I looked like four years ago:

Photo taken by Janice Rossel.  This photo made Mommy
want to help me. 
This photo was taken by a very nice lady named Janice Rossel.  Aunt Janice and her husband take photos of many of the shelter animals to help find them a forever home (and more importantly, save them from Death Row *shudders*) When Aunt Janice saw me in the shelter she took me out of my cage and let me sit on her lap.  She fell in love with me and knew I had to get out of there! She didn't know this at the time, but this picture was the start of my new life.  After Mommy saw this picture of me on Facebook she knew she had to meet me.  

As soon as Aunt Leslie got me, she took me straight to Manhattan Cat Specialists to get better. They took such good care of me there, and Dr. Plotnick is still my doctor today.  I'm all better now, but I have Chronic Sinusitis.  That means I have a stuffy nose and sometimes a runny nose. And oh boy, do I SNEEZE!! You can find my sneeze accidents all over the house.  Mommy doesn't mind though.  She says it's all worth having me in the family (even when I sneeze in her face!) 

So today, on my Rescue-versary, I send big hugs and kisses to Leslie Kaufman and Janice Rossel. Thank you for thinking I was important enough to save.  

This is why I urge people to adopt and save a shelter/rescue pet, not buy one.  

Stay tuned, because I'll have two more milestones to share! 


P.S.  Aunt Leslie owns the BEST cat sitting service in NYC! On All Fours Cat Sitting

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  1. My sweet Lola girl. Every time I see this photo of you, I cry. You are suck a lucky girl because we all know so many of the babies don't make it out of these shelters all over. Happy Anniversary, sweet angel.

  2. Sweet niece, I am so grateful to Auntie Leslie and Miss Janice for recognizing your loving soul and rescuing you. I remember when you first lived with Mommy and had started your Facebook page, like Mommy when I saw that photo of you my heart melted. Mama Pheebs stared at your photo and purred, telling me she would love to be able to care for and snuggle you close like one of her own babies. It's amazing that it has been four wonderful years since you first came in to our lives, four years we have been truly blessed.
    ConCATulations darling girl, you are held dear deep within our heart always.
    --Aunt Beth, Clove, & Kaspars

    1. Lola: Oh, Auntie Beth, you are so sweet. *sniff* Lexy, hand me a tissue please.
      Lexy. *blows nose - honk honk- and hands Lola a clean tissue* Aunt Beth, we are proud to be your friends.
      Lola: We miss Mama Pheebs, and wish we could have met her. Thank you so much for being our friend.

  3. Happy rescue day, Lola! You do look like you really needed someone to swoop in and save you - and it happened! Paws up, and I wish every kitty could get saved. Maybe someday...

    1. Thank you, Summer. My wish is for all kitties to get saved, too.

  4. Happy rescue-versary, Lola! Or what we like to call it...your Gotcha Day. :) We're so glad you were rescued from the shelter and now are in a happy home.

  5. Happy Rescueversary from Shadow, SusieQ, Mr Poppy and me. Lots of love and purrs. ❤️💛💙

  6. Happy rescue-versary Lola! Maddie Belle and I love you ~ Lexi too. We are so happy you have such a wonderful forever home!

    1. ((Auntie Nancy))) We love you and Maddie Belle so much!


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