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Monday, March 30, 2015

Book Sale!

We are having a book sale! Our book, Lola: Diary Of A Rescued Cat, will be on sale for $12 from 3/30/15 through 4/20/15.

Ten percent of the proceeds of this sale will go to benefit Oliver's Orphan Oasis. OOO is a rescue that is near and dear to our hearts.  Mommy first found out about this rescue when she started following the story of a cat on "Death Row' named Sal.  (Mommy wrote a post about him here.).  Auntie Carolyn, the owner and president of OOO, also helped Mommy when Will (Mommy's boyfriend) found a little feral kitten. Auntie Carolyn took the little baby, socialized her, and found her a forever home! 

OOO is a one woman operation, run from Auntie Carolyn's home.  We hope to raise a lot of money to help her out.  

If you'd like to get our book at the sale price, you can order it here.  And guess what? Each copy will be purrsonally pawtographed! When ordering, please don't forget to add a note saying how you would like it personalized. 

Shipping is $5.75 Priority Shipping in the USA, and $16.75 International.  

If you have any trouble with ordering, please email us at 

Right now we have 80 books in our inventory.  If we sell all 80 books we will give Oliver's Orphan Oasis $100! Please spread the word!


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  1. This is awesome! I'll have to share!

  2. I will share this! Just to let you know there are two copies currently for sale and six new with other suppliers through Amazon UK! :)

  3. lola....thiz bee way awesum oh ewe N yur mom ta haz thiz sale & give bak two..... OOO !!! we troo lee hope ya sellz all 80 copeez & best fishes with thiz ....we iz knot a facebook sew we will order R copee frum amazon ♥

  4. Auntie Carolyn sounds like an amazing person! That's so great that a portion of the proceeds go to helping her!!


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