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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rescue Stories: Lexy - My Sister's Story

I thought this week I would share Lexy's rescue story.  This is taken right from our book Lola: Diary of a Rescued Cat.  We hope you like it.

Mommy doesn't know a whole lot about Lexy, but I can tell you what I've heard. My human cousin Aaliyah got a puppy for Christmas in 2009 (that's my doggie cousin, Diesel). In April 2010, Mommy was in Petco with some of our family to buy puppy stuff for him, and while she was walking around the store looking for presents for Diesel she saw the adoption table. Mommy had always loved kitties, so she went to look at them.
She was checking out all the kitties when she saw a beautiful black-and-white cat sitting calmly in her cage. This cat reminded her of one she had many years ago, Marvin, that was her baby. She called Auntie Ruthie over to look and said, “Who does this remind you of?” and of course Auntie Ruthie said she looked just like Marvin. The volunteer told Mommy her name was Lexy, and she was a great and friendly cat. Mommy was told Lexy had been there a year. “Why?” Mommy wanted to know. She was wondering if there was something wrong with her. The volunteer told her Lexy is very friendly and sweet, but she often got passed by for a kitten or a more exotic looking cat. (That makes me mad!)

Mommy opened the cage to pet her, and Lexy was so nice! Mommy was told that Lexy loves to play. He said whenever he walks passed her cage she sticks her paw out to touch him and play. (Lexy still does that - she sits on the kitchen chair and sticks her paw out to play with Mommy). The volunteer said she's affectionate and would definitely be a lap cat. A lap cat! Mommy hadn't had a cat in a while and would love a lap cat! Mommy felt bad because all she could picture in her mind was Lexy sitting in a cage on display every weekend for a whole year. How sad. She had to get her out!

There was also another woman there who was interested in Lexy and was going to let them know if she could take her. Well, Mommy wasn't having that. She had already fallen in love with Lexy and wanted to take her home.  Mommy talked about it to Auntie Ruthie and our cousins on the way home, and there was only one problem: her landlord. She had been told she was not allowed pets when she moved in six years earlier. All the way home to Queens, Mommy thought about Lexy and even told Will about her. She dug her lease out of the closet to see what it said, and there it was, stamped in big black letters: “NO PETS.” Oh no… Mommy just had to have Lexy. What was she going to do?

She knew a couple of people in the building had cats, but they had lived there before our landlord bought the building, so their cats were “grandfathered” in. Hmmm, what to do, what to do? Mommy decided to call the landlord and ask him if she could have a pet. She figured, what's the worst that could happen? All he could say was no. When Mommy called him, he told her she's a good tenant and he wants her to be happy, so yes, she could have a cat! Mommy was so happy she could have Lexy!

She immediately emailed the shelter and found out that Lexy was still available! She filled out the application and waited. And waited. The person in charge couldn't reach Mommy's references, so they wanted to contact the vet Mommy used 15 years ago in Rockland County--15 years ago! Mommy was getting nervous that they wouldn't give Lexy to her. After emails back and forth, Mommy sent this one: “I am very much a pet lover and Lexy will have a wonderful loving home. I've already gone to the pet store to buy everything she would need. She will definitely be well cared for with me, I can assure you.” And guess what the next email said? “OK, she's all yours then!” Yay! It seems since Lexy was such a favorite they wanted to make sure she went to a good home.

The very next day was Saturday, so Mommy went back to the pet store with Auntie Ruthie and my cousins (they all wanted to see Lexy). Lexy did very well on the ride home. She ended up being in the car for almost two hours! At first she was meowing, but Mommy put some nice jazz music on and she calmed down (Mommy always puts that music on now when Lexy is in the car).

As soon as they got home, Mommy showed Lexy her food and litter box. Lexy had to pee; good thing she made it to Queens! Here's a picture of Lexy when she got home:

She just knew she was going to be the Queen!

Her first night there, Lexy sat on Mommy's bed all night. She didn't lie down; she just sat with her head up. Whenever she got down, Mommy went to check on her, so Mommy didn't sleep much. But she didn't care; she was happy to give Lexy a good home.

 On Lexy’s second day at home, something happened that made her SO scared. Mommy had already planned to go out and buy a new TV that day, so she kept her plans. When she and Will came home with the TV, there was some commotion in the house. Some furniture had to be moved and stuff like that. Lexy got so scared she ran and hid under the bed for HOURS! Mommy could only get her out by bringing her some tuna fish. Poor Lexy! For a few months Lexy would hide whenever Mommy moved stuff around, even just the laundry or stuff like that. I can't even imagine my brave sister hiding, so she must have been really, really scared. Mommy said after about four months that stopped and Lexy took her throne as Queen.

You know what else Lexy used to do when she moved in? She REALLY used to bother Mommy at night.  Lexy would start to wake Mommy up at around 3 a.m! She'd run around the room and scratch the furniture, or she'd jump on the bed and run around the bed. And she would scratch the box spring, too. The funny part is that if Mommy got up and lay down on the couch, Lexy would stop. As long as Mommy wasn't in bed she was OK. Eventually Lexy made the time later and later... 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and then stopped. She doesn't do that anymore.

Lexy is a funny cat and did some funny stuff. The best is that she would take her treats from the cupboard and open the package. One day Mommy was at the computer, and Lexy came out of the bathroom licking her lips. Mommy said “What are you eating?!” She was afraid to go look in the bathroom, because she was afraid she would find a mouse or something. But what she found was Lexy's package of treats. Lexy snuck it right past her! Then another time Mommy heard a noise in the kitchen and found this:

And another time, this!

Mommy put her treats in a container, but that didn't work, either.

Now they're up high where she can't get them. Mommy says someday soon Lexy will be able to open a can of food!
Mommy tried piecing together Lexy’s past, based on her conversations with the volunteer at the shelter about her “abandonment,” and Lexy’s behaviors when she got her home. Mommy thinks Lexy’s family moved and left her behind. My poor sister! At one vet appointment, Lexy was so terrified she was trembling, and the vet asked Mommy if she knew anything about her past. The vet felt bad and was concerned, but Mommy didn't really have any information to give her. After that appointment, Lexy was not herself for two days. The first night she sat on the floor all night and would not go sleep on anything high up or comfy. The next day she wouldn't let Mommy near her. Usually Lexy has a deep meow, but when Mommy tried to pick her up she meowed this little “mew mew mew” meow that was so sad. She didn't even want to eat, and she threw up. The day after that, she started to come around and met Mommy at the door and let her pet her. After that she was her old self again. How sad is that? My poor sister!

So the magic question is this: Is Lexy a lap cat like Mommy was told? Nope! Lexy has never, not once, sat on Mommy’s lap. She doesn't like to be held, and Mommy has to sneak hugs. But Mommy doesn't care that Lexy doesn't sit on her lap because she’s funny and sweet and Mommy knows she loves her.

So there you have it, that’s Lexy’s story. I think we both got lucky and adopted a great mother who loves us to pieces. 

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  1. I love Lexy's story! It sounds like the rescue humans loved her a lot too, since they were so careful about making sure she really did have a good home.

  2. Lexy really did get a wonderful home,xx Speedy

  3. What a lovely story! It was definitely meant to be :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. What a terrific story. Mom is so surprised that Lexy had to wait an entire year for her purrfect home. With a sweet face like that, she can't imagine her not stealing everyone's heart who ever met her. Guess she was just waiting for your mom. Thanks for sharing her heartwarming story. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. What a great story! We're so glad your mom was able to give Lexy a home. She's adorable.

  6. Awesome, awesome, sweet story! I just love Lexy's story so much! xxx000

    1. I just love that pic of her with the treats. :)


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