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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our First Giveaway! Enter to win The Lola Collar by Sweet Pickles Designs

Oh boy, are we excited! We are having our first ever giveaway, and it's an extra special prize that one lucky kitty will win.

Lexy and I have a very good kitty friend named Pickles. She's one of our bestest besties and she's just adorable.

She's a rescue kitty just like us, and her story is in our book. (Here's a little spoiler about her story - she was found on the side of a busy highway! Imagine that! You'll have to read the rest for yourself!) She's not only cute, but she's the CEO of her own business, Sweet Pickles Designs! She's quite the fashionista and gives fashion advice to all the kitties on Facebook.  (You can follow Pickles on her purrsonal page here or on her business page here.)  All the best dressed kitties on Facebook wear Sweet Pickles collars!

Pickles gave me the biggest honor and gift she could ever give a kitty - she named a collar after me! It's called.... drum roll please.... The Lola!

Isn't it fab? Here I am modeling it.

I can't wait for the winner to
get their Lola collar! 

We're not only giving away The Lola Collar, but the winner gets to choose one of the following add ons:

 Julep Bow Tie (purrsonally recommended by Pickles)

or a White Kitty Corsage

You can enter here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
You have until Midnight EST on 3/18 to enter.

Here's another photo of Pickles modeling various bow ties, just because!

We are VERY excited about our giveaway, and we hope you'll enter.



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  1. What a fancy collar, Lola - I love it!

  2. Lola, you look so cute looking at yourself in the mirror in your new, pretty collar. What a great giveaway. We're going to check out Pickles' pages now. BTW, the lady had a kitty years ago (male) whose name was Pickles. :)

    1. Thank you, Annie. You'll like Pickles, she's pawsome .

  3. What a purr-fect giveaway! Truffles HATES wearing ANYTHING so we'll let our friends enter that will be able to look beautiful in it :)

  4. Someone is going to be looking very cool, just like you Lola!! I don't wear collars. I think I would take the human's hand off first!! MOL

  5. A while back we were lucky enough to win one of Sweet Pickles collars. They really are great!

  6. Nice to meet you, Lola. I don’t wear a collar but if’n I did I’d choose a Lola collar. I agree with Austin.

  7. My Cousin Guinevere would love that color xx Speedy

  8. I love the gold one! Was I supposed to take the entries for following you on twitter twice? If not. I apologize and please delete. Thank You!


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